Trafalgar Energy Holdings, LLC is a Texas based legal entity with a parent company in Nigeria, Trafalgar Energy Limited that engages in various business sectors. Through its two wholly owned subsidiaries namely Mbey Global Ventures, Inc, and Eustatic Energy Company, Trafalgar Energy Holdings, LLC, is a leading provider of trading, consulting, engineering, procurement and construction services to energy, telecommunications, real estate, and mining companies around the globe. The company's position extends across the entire convergence value chain - from wholesale and retail trading of crude oil, natural gas, metal ore and development in real estate; engineering, procurement and construction in oil and gas, to information technology consulting services in the areas of manufacturing, financials, power generation, gathering and processing of crude oil, natural gas, metals and other derivatives. A partial list of our clients include Kaiser-Aluminum, ExxonMobil, Dynegy, Tenneco, Kerr-Mcgee, Hewlett-Packard and Fairbanks-Morse.

About Us

We provide energy, real estate and IT products and services to customers throughout the globe. Through our subsidiaries Mbey Global Ventures, and Eustatic Energy Company, we provide production, marketing and distribution services in oil and gas, mining and power generation. Located in the U.S.A, Europe and Africa, our portfolio is well positioned to capitalize on differences in price variations with respect to the sectors that we deal with on a global scale. With our alliance partnership with various industry heavyweights, we are able to offer unparalleled products and services to our customers. Having our headquarter in Houston, Texas, Trafalgar Energy Holdings, LLC, is a leader in providing production, marketing, consulting and distribution services in the energy sector and related industries.


Trafalgar Energy Holding

Trafalgar Energy Holdings, LLC concentrate on the arbitrage opportunities that exist in oil and gas, mining, real estate and IT sectors of the global economy. Through our two operating units, Mbey Global Ventures, Inc, and Eustatic Energy Company, we provide unparalleled products and services to our customers.

Eustatic Energy

Eustatic Energy Company focuses extensively on our oil and gas, and mining assets. Through our J.V participation in oil fields and mining leases across the globe along with our strategic alliance partnership with industry heavyweights and sister companies, we are poised to deliver more of the much needed energy resources to the global market.

Mbey Global

Mbey Global Ventures, Inc, focus on our businesses in real estate development and IT related services. With an extensive knowledge base in asset and risk management, sight engineering and construction, we offer a one stop operation to deliver strict, unified management and control over every hour and every phase of construction. With all disciplines under one command, working to the same integrated schedule, we deliver high quality work, efficiency and predictability.


Mohammed A. Shitta-Bey

President & Chief Executive Officer

Imran Shitta-Bey


Michael Dickinson

Executive Vice President

Olutayo Oyekanmi

Senior Consultant

Rachel Marie Joseph

Executive Director

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